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                Chinese English

                DC600V Power Supply System Solution for Passenger Train

                Date:2017.12.23     Source:北京赛马彩票股份有限公司


                解决方案介绍  Solution introduction:

                DC600V电源装置包括两个系统柜:客车空调逆变电源和客↑车充电器;逆变电源柜♂将来自机车的DC600V电压变换为三相交流380V/50Hz电源,给车厢内的空调装置提供电力供应。充电器柜内装DC120V充电机与AC220V单相逆变器,充电机将DC600V电压转换成DC120V电源为应急电池组充电,单相逆Ψ 变器将DC120V电源转换成单相AC220V/50Hz电源。

                DC600V power supply device includes two system cabinets: passenger train air conditioning inverter power supply cabinet and passenger train charger cabinet; the inverter power supply cabinet converts the DC600V voltage from the train into three-phase AC 380V/50Hz power, to supply power for the air conditioning devices in carriages. The charger cabinet is installed with a DC120V battery charger and a AC220V single-phase inverter; the battery charger converts the DC600V voltage into DC120V power to charge the emergency battery pack, and the single-phase inverter converts the DC120V power into single-phase AC220V/50Hz power.  

                逆变器与充电器均采用自ζ 然冷方式散热,相较风○冷产品,产品故障率可有效降低∏;两种系统柜防护等级均达到▆IP54级别,密封性№能良好,可适应全※国各种风沙雨雪天气;三种模块主要单板及软件互相兼↑容,产品维护简单方便。

                Both the inverter and charger adopt natural cooling for heat dissipation, and they have lower failure rate compared with the products adopting air cooling. The two kinds of system cabinets have IP54 protection level and good sealing property, so they can adapt to all kinds of windy, sandy, rainy and snowy weather throughout the country; there are three kinds of modules, the main single boards and software are compatible with each other and the maintenance for the products is easy and convenient.

                方案应用  Solution application:


                The Dinghan DC600V power supply device has been carried out a large number of application practices on National Railway 25G/25T passenger trains; the quantity of the power supply devices that have been installed on trains has exceeded one thousand; their application scope covers most of railway bureaus in the country; thereinto, they are widely used in the railway bureaus such as Guangzhou Railway Bureau, Lanzhou Railway Bureau, Haerbin Railway Bureau and Urumchi Railway Bureau adopt larger numbers of the power supply devices; although these devices experienced various severe operating conditions, they are always operating in good condition with stable quality.        

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